This is the site of Brent Laabs: programmer, writer, gamer, analyst, and wiki editor.

To learn more, About Me has a summary of things I've done in my life.  If you'd like a less formal version, see my Davis Wiki profile page.  If you'd like a more formal version, I have a Resume.

I also have a Blog, which is mostly programming-related at present.

I ended up making this website to host Interpol Manzai, my megacrossover fanfiction about the girls of Azumanga Daioh, all grown up.

The first story is now online.

My Github account: which hosts pretty much all of the open source projects I've worked on.

Contact Me

  • Email: brent@brentlaabs.com
  • Email 2: bslaabs@gmail.com
  • AIM: TheLabster
  • GTalk: bslaabs@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Don't bother, I only check it every 3 months.