Interpol Manzai

The girls of Azumanga Daioh are age 25 now, and Tomo has her dream job as an ICPO agent. Yomi finds herself pulled into Tomo's jetsetting world of wild adventures, high-tech intrigue, solving mysteries, and lots of slice-of-life comedy.  The Azumanga girls grow to face life as young adults, with the challenges and joys adulthood brings.  And Inspector Tomo Takino keeps the Internets safe for adorable cat photos.

Interpol Manzai is crossover fanfiction primarily about the life of Tomo Takino and Koyomi Mizuhara from Azumanga Daioh and set largely in the real world.  Well, it's actually a megacrossover that crosses between: Azumanga Daioh, You're Under Arrest, Yotsuba&¹, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, K-On!, Bubblegum Crisis¹, Kimi wa Petto¹, Dirty Pair², Lupin III², and others.  Most stories will follow Tomo and Yomi, though some will focus on other characters.

¹ Planned crossover
² Implicit crossover - fictional within the setting, but strongly affects the behavior of certain characters (okay, mainly Tomo).


Part 1: The Assange Affair

Interpol issues a warrant for the arrest of the WikiLeaks founder, and there's only one woman who can do the job: the ICPO's self-proclaimed top detective, Tomo Takino.  But what happens when Inspector Takino gets a new partner?

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Part 2: Some Assembly Required

Status: In progress but early (8K).

If you're interested in being a prereader, let me know at  C+C can go there, too.

About the Title

Interpol is the short name for the ICPO: International Criminal Police Organization.  Within this setting, it has field agents who work in cooperation with local police in member countries.  In real life, they only share information between countries and do training, which is much more boring.  It is sometimes written as INTERPOL, which makes it look a bit too much like INTERCAL for comfort for me.  PLEASE DO COME FROM 23

Manzai is a traditional Japanese form of two-person comedy, where the boke (idiot) says or does something stupid, and the tsukkomi (straight man) "corrects" the behavior, often with a bop on the head. Tomo and Yomi, are this kind of comedy duo. Since the comedy form is associated with the Kansai region, Tomo tries to draw Osaka into these kind of comedic rhythms, and usually fails because she's, well, Osaka.  Abbott and Costello are probably the best Western examples of manzai -- it's worth watching an old movie or two to see a live-action form of the comedy.


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