About Me

I'm a graduate from the Atmospheric Science program at UC Davis (you know, the pepper spray university).  I spent three more years there in grad school, but wasn't able to finish up my graduate degree for various reasons.

While there, I taught portions of ATM 10, the introductory Severe Weather course, as well as a class on propaganda for the Experimental College.  I was a teaching assistant for several other courses, including meteorology lab classes and a sociology course.

I spent years in student governments, at one point serving simultaneously as the Legislative Chair for the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students, External Chair for the UC Davis Graduate Student Association, and ASUCD Historian.  While student governance can be silly at times, the combination of advocacy, programs, and education really had a positive impact on the lives of all the students that I worked with.

I was once Chair of the University of California Student Association, but I was removed from that position after a vote of no-confidence.  It turns out President Obama is right: you can't change politics from the inside.

Before that, I was one of the co-founders of the Students for an Orwellian Society, Northern California branch, where I served as the Minister of Love.  We plusgave goodthink to all the proles of UC Davis, through agitprop and adverinfo.

Nonprofit work
As a part of the first Board of Directors for Wiki Spot, I took the lead in securing a 501(c)3 nonprofit exemption for this organization which promotes local wikis.  I got involved through their flagship site, Davis Wiki.  While I am no longer on the board, I encourage anyone who wants to write about their community to use the wikispot.org wiki service.

I spent a lot of time writing content for Davis Wiki, a website all about Davis, California.  It lists information about everything imaginable about the city, from history to businesses to academic departments.

I also write a fanfic called Interpol Manzai, which has its own page.

I enjoy computer programming, as it typically involves solving problems logically.  I'm most experienced with Perl 5 and Perl 6, and I do extensive work with HTML, CSS, and SQL.  I also have some experience with Javascript, C, C++, FORTRAN, and Python.

I tend to wear a lot of Hawaiian shirts, which are great for the weather on the Southern California coast.

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